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Acupuncture for Immune disorders

Acupuncture for immune disorders

The Cause of Immune Disorders

Within the natural energy medicine system, disease originates from imbalances in a person’s internal life energy.

First of all, the sources of the imbalance can be disruptions in the environment (e.g., weather related, pollution related) or disruptions in one’s daily life (e.g., excess work, food, alcohol, drugs and/or sex). However, emotions are considered to be the greatest factor in inducing a diseased state (e.g. stress, anxiety, sadness, worry, fear, depression, and anger).

These imbalances disrupt the continuity of the bodily systems and drain the *prenatal energy. In a diseased patient, these imbalances exceed the body’s natural ability to compensate. As a result, circulation is compromised, cellular function is altered, the immune system is in disorder, and diseases develop. Therefore, we use natural energy medicine to treat the disease condition by supplying prenatal energy.  Consequently, we re-adjust the bodily systems and strengthen the healing process. Using these techniques we have been successful in reducing cancer, alleviating chronic diseases, as well as restoring and increasing immune responses.

The reason and cause of immune disorders is still unknown in mainstream medicine. Sadly it’s almost impossible to correctly treat this kind autoimmune disease by conventional medicine. The good news is that I have successfully treated many different immune disorder patients who weren’t satisfied with solutions from conventional medicine. Notably, I’ve treated diseases such as cancer, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, low blood platelets (immune thrombocytopenia),  Hashimoto's thyroiditis, etc.

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Self -healing

Do we have self-defensive energy in our bodies capable of killing cancer cells and self-healing? Yes we do!

So why do we still have so many people suffering from cancer and chronic disease? Doctors or scientists can give you hundreds of reasons why they’re not able to cure cancer and many other diseases, but do those explanations really make sense to you? The truth is, this healing system is scientifically proven. While Biophoton Communication between cells is still new, it’s not unheard of. But mainstream medical science is skeptical, and the topic puzzles many scientists. However, a research team led by Dr. Mehmet Oz in Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center found that energy emitting from Dr. Frank Huo’s finger is equivalent to Ultraviolet-A Brand. Especially relevant is the fact that practitioners can control this energy with their minds and reproduce it. The amazing thing is that this energy can inhibit the growth rate of In-vitro cancer cells, and increase the Macrophage cells (after a 30min energy treatment) Viability (by 15%) and binding (by 35%) for TiO2 powder. As a result, it’s scientifically proven that this energy can communicate with cells!

Our unique energy meditation system and energy transfer technique can help you upgrade your energy level from Qi (prana) level, like Reiki, Qigong, therapeutic touch, healing energy, taiji yin yang, etc, to (focus) light level. Finally, we can upgrade your energy from light level to informative code level. Should you wish to become a great healer for you self or for your loved one's, our system activates your pineal gland and opens the door for powerful healing. Besides acupuncture, learning and using my energy healing technique is another effective way to treat immune disorders. You can help your body’s immune system to restore orders from informative disorders, allowing your immune system re-recognize your own body tissues and not attack them anymore. The best part is that lots of my patients learn and keep practicing my energy meditation system. As a result they gain the ability to heal themselves and protect themselves from suffering in the future.

*The prenatal energy system is composed of meridians and Chiao-energy centers. It is the energy that we’re inherently born with, as opposed to post-natal energy which is what we accumulate via our lifestyles.