Free acupuncture treatment if combined with Huo's Energy Medicine for real solutions!

Acupuncture Master Frank Huo


Licensed Acupuncturist

I am an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, a natural energy medicine doctor, a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist, and board certified nationally by the NCCAOM.  

Herbal Medicine Expert

Specialist of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Grand Master of Twotu

Inheritor and Grandmaster of  "the way of the universe"  Healing energy meditation system.

Watch Master Acupuncturist Dr. Frank Huo uses healing energy on his patients. During Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center's studies, led by Dr. Oz, this unique healing technique was scientifically proven to be effective. Acupuncture treatments, when combined with Dr. Frank Huo’s unique healing technique, are unexpectedly powerful and exceptionally effective in restoring health. He was chosen to work as a research scientist at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center with Dr. Oz in investigating the physical and biological effects of natural energy medicine.

Dr. Huo was the only practitioner among a group of top-level energy practitioners from around the world who passed the screening test by using his healing technique to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the laboratory. Dr. Huo’s approach to natural energy medicine has opened up an entirely new realm of healing possibilities. To those who are seeking to regain or achieve health and longevity, the integration of traditional and natural energy medicine may provide a complete solution.

Mind Body Energy


I believe that diseases occur not only from physical factors, such as environment, food or genetics. In addition, diseases occur from within one’s body. Indeed, this means that there are times when we produce disease ourselves within our own bodies. Due to the emotions we have, such as anger, hate, jealousy, constant complaining, and unease, we create energetic imbalances. Consequently, this results in disease.

I not only give my patients acupuncture treatments with healing energy , and herbal medicine. Additionally, I teach them how to heal themselves and remain on the road to wellness.

Share the Great Gift from Mother Nature


I do this by teaching them my unique scientifically proven energy meditation system. If they are open, I also share my beliefs with them on the truth of life, the universe and why they initially got their disease. By teaching them meditation and my healing philosophy, my patients gain the tools to heal themselves. These truths and philosophies that I share are basically the reality of the universe and human beings, the fact of human-universe energy structure and the way to make use of this gift from Mother Nature.

This is a revolutionary energy medicine!


The way of the universe (Twotu - Pronunciation is “Tian Dao” ) is what it is. Our great founding master Wang jicheng (1910 - 1984) set up a revolutionary energy medicine system of formatting our energy matrix to match with the universe energy structure holographically and accumulating higher level universe energy. This brings great benefits to those who are looking for self-healing, healthy longevity and fulfilling one’s potential.

As an only inheritor and Godson of our founding master Wang jicheng, Dr. Frank Huo is the second generation Grandmaster, who is bringing this great unique energy medicine to our world.