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Dr. Huo's Energy Medicine

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What is Dr. Huo's Energy Medicine?

Dr. Huo's healing energy and its physical and biological effects can be detected repeatedly in Laboratories. He is the only one who has the capability to demonstrate the healing effects on in-vitro cancer cell lines, animal testing and clinical patients worldwide so far. The possession of powerful healing energy and informative energy medicine system makes him so special and unique from Conventional and other medicines.  Dr. Huo's Energy Medicine is Unique and Independent, indeed it has nothing to do with so - called Chinese medicine, Alternative and Complementary medicine, Integrative medicine. etc.

Master Acupuncturist Dr. Frank Huo uses healing energy on his patients. During Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center's studies, led by Dr. Oz, this unique healing technique was scientifically proven to be effective. Acupuncture treatments, when combined with Dr. Frank Huo’s unique healing technique, are unexpectedly powerful and exceptionally effective in restoring health. He was chosen to work as a research scientist at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center with Dr. Oz in investigating the physical and biological effects of natural energy medicine.

Dr. Huo was the only practitioner among a group of top-level energy practitioners from around the world who passed the screening test by using his healing energy to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the laboratory. Dr. Huo’s approach to natural energy medicine has opened up an entirely new realm of healing possibilities. To those who are seeking to regain or achieve health and longevity, the integration of conventional medicine and Huo's energy medicine may provide a complete solution.

The Cause of Diseases


At the very beginning stages of a disease, you have energy imbalances or blockages. It’s invisible, so you might be feeling some discomfort, and go in for an x-ray or diagnosis and find that “nothing is wrong,” when in actuality the problem is simply in this invisible state. If it isn’t resolved by returning your energy to a balanced state, or by freeing the blockages, what develops is a physical change (i.e. disease).

This is why it is very difficult to find cancer in its early stages when it’s only present as imbalanced energy and it hasn’t reached the state of physical change.

Health and longevity mainly depend on your state of pre-natal energy and how it’s complemented by post-natal energy.

Pre-natal energy is what you are born with. Prenatal energy is your life force. Post-natal energy is the energy you get from eating and breathing - your lifestyle.

There are two causes of disease: 

1)  Where pre-natal energy is too weak.  

2)  Where prenatal and postnatal energies are not balanced.  

Expectation of Huo Energy Medicine


Human life (the physical body) originates from parents and is an expression of the Universe's energy field. This field forms our prenatal energy system (identified as meridians and Chiao-energy centers). The parents' sperm and egg form the physical (postnatal) body. Inside the womb, the growth of the fetus's physical body depends on the blood from the mother through the umbilical cord.

The fetus' accumulation of prenatal energy depends on the ability of its pores, energy gates, and Chiao centers to harvest energy from the Universe. The energy gates and centers for harvesting prenatal energy closes gradually after birth. The human body absorbs energy through breath, drink, and food (postnatal energy). Human life mainly depends on prenatal energy and is complemented by postnatal energy. Health and longevity rely mainly on the abundance of prenatal energy. The exhaustion of prenatal energy leads to death and the imbalance of prenatal and postnatal energy results in disease.

Within the Huo energy medicine system, disease originates from imbalances in a person's life. The sources of the imbalance can be disruptions in the environment (e.g., weather-related, pollution-related) or disruptions in one's daily life (e.g., excess work, food, alcohol, drugs and/or sex). However, emotions are considered to be the greatest factor in inducing a diseased state (e.g. stress, anxiety, sadness, worry, fear, depression, and anger). These imbalances disrupt the continuity of the bodily systems and drain the prenatal energy, and in the diseased patient, exceed the body's natural ability to compensate. As a result, circulation is compromised, cellular function is altered, the information system is in disorder, and disease develops. Dr. Huo’s energy medicine treats the disease condition by supplying prenatal energy, readjusting the bodily systems and strengthening the healing process. It has been successful in reducing cancer, alleviating chronic diseases, as well as restoring and increasing immune responses.

Dr. Huo’s energy transfer and activating the celestial eye are shortcut methods that heal and strengthen the human body very quickly. The Huo energy medicine harmonizes prenatal/postnatal energies to prevent and heal diseases. During the energy transfer and activating the celestial eye, Dr. Huo transfers prenatal E Qi energy to the receiver through the top of the receiver's head and transfers prenatal E light to the receiver through the receiver's celestial eye. Dr. Huo opens his energy gates/Chiao and pores to harvest the Universe's prenatal energy. Such energy is gathered in the professional's body and sent out through the meridians.


What kinds of diseases can Dr. Huo treat? Huo Energy Medicine is not just treating the head when there is a headache, treating a foot when there is a problem there. Dr. Huo views the human being and the Universe as one, which includes the Qi, blood, and visceral systems, as well as the internal and external energy systems. Imbalance in any of these systems causes disease. Energy transfer treatment supplies prenatal E Qi and E light to the receiver, harmonizes the energy system, smoothes the flow of Qi and blood, balances the yin and yang organ systems, and also connects and harmonizes the human being with the Universe. The principle of Huo energy medicine is: Curing and return to health are the outcomes of accumulated prenatal energy.    

The Curing of disease is the process of accumulating the prenatal energy. The cure is a natural outcome of continuously energy healing. 

Energy Medicine incorporates three modalities of treatment:


1) Acupuncture – whereby energy flows through meridians and acupuncture points with the aid of very thin needles.

2) Herbal Medicine – every single herb carries different, unique energy. We create synergy by combining herbs. Therefore, using different combinations of herbs, we target different organ systems in order to address specific health issues.

3) Energy Treatment – I apply my UNIQUE healing energy from my hands to my patients’ bodies.

These 3 modalities are all about ENERGY.

During acupuncture treatments, I apply my energy to the needles as I insert them into different points along the body’s meridians. This is different from other practitioners because in most cases, I’m using my unique healing technique. I can combine my energy with the needles to remove blockages in meridians, and I can guide the energy to go to specific areas to release blocks or strengthen energy in those areas. A principle of energy medicine is that if energy is blocked, you have to open it. I can do that with or without acupuncture needles.

By combining different herbs as a formula, I can successfully address the organ issues or problems, dysfunctions or energy imbalances. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), all physical disease is a result of energy imbalance or blockage.

Columbia University Study on Energy Medicine Healing

The studies conducted at Columbia and Harvard University have been documented below. The results of these studies provide scientific proof that the energy healing treatment technique Dr. Huo uses in his practice is unique and effective. 

Published Research Papers, TV Shows, Videos