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Acupuncture for Cancer and Tumors


Cancer and Tumors are Disorders of the Body-Mind Information System

Cancer and tumors are chronic immune and metabolic associated disorders that involve abnormal growth of various cells. The abnormal cells can either invade and destroy healthy surrounding tissue, or spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Recent statistics indicate that as many as 1 out of 3 people may have cancer at some point in their life.

Many natural healers consider cancer to be the result of a long-standing ecological imbalance of the body involving a number of systems. One common theory proposes that a change of cellular genetic structure or function from free-radical damage can lead to uncontrollable cellular growth. Because of this and other factors, it may be that potentially malignant cancer cells are constantly being created in our body. Our immune system’s job is to eliminate these cells before they become established. It’s much easier for cancer to develop when our immune system is weak. Chronic stress, overwork, emotional and dietary factors weaken our immune system.

A New Revolutionary Approach to Treating Cancer and Tumors

Do we have self-defensive energy in our bodies capable of killing cancer cells and self-healing? Yes we do!

So why do we still have so many people suffering from cancer and chronic disease? Doctors or scientists can give you hundreds of reasons why they’re not able to cure cancer and many other diseases, but do those explanations really make sense to you? 

The truth is, the final outcome of any cancer treatment like chemotherapy, radioactive therapy, immunotherapy. target therapy, etc, is highly depending on your immune system's functions, You can defeat cancer when and only when your immune system can take full responsibility of removing cancer cells from your body.  So this makes cancer treatment to be very simple, that is: Re - installing your body's immune function by doing whatever you can do except something stupidly damaging your immune system.

Dr. Huo's Energy medicine is a new revolutionary approach to treating cancer and tumors, this informative energy medicine system is scientifically proven. While Biophoton Communication between cells is still new, it’s the new front of medical science.  More and more medical doctors and scientists from mainstream medical system are now convinced by the healing results of Dr. Huo's energy medicine and become very supportive even the topic still puzzles many scientists. However, a research team led by Dr. Mehmet Oz in Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center found that energy emitting from Dr. Frank Huo’s finger is equivalent to Ultraviolet-A Brand. Especially relevant is the fact that practitioners can control this energy with their minds and reproduce it. The amazing thing is that this energy can inhibit the growth rate of In-vitro cancer cells, and increase the Macrophage cells (after a 30min energy treatment) Viability (by 15%) and binding (by 35%) for TiO2 powder. As a result, it’s scientifically proven that this energy can communicate with cells!

Our unique energy meditation system and energy transfer technique can help you upgrade your energy level from Qi (prana) level, like Reiki, Qigong, therapeutic touch, healing energy, taiji yin yang, etc, to (focus) light level. Finally, we can upgrade your energy from light level to informative code level. Should you wish to become a great healer for you self or for your loved one's, our system activates your pineal gland and opens the door for powerful healing. Besides acupuncture, learning and using my energy healing technique is another effective way to treat immune disorders. You can help your body’s immune system to restore orders from informative disorders, allowing your immune system re-recognize your own body tissues and not attack them anymore. The best part is that lots of my patients learn and keep practicing my energy meditation system. As a result they gain the ability to heal themselves and protect themselves from suffering in the future.

Testimonials and case studies

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How to get it started?

We only treat those patients who are not on an ongoing chemotherapy or other therapies (before or after chemotherapy or any other therapies), for those who want to postpone chemotherapy, please ask your doctor what is the risk of delaying treatment for one week. If you begin feeling better day by day after you start Huo Energy Medicine treatment, you will go back to your medical doctor for medical test (blood test, image taken...) to find out the change after six to eight week's treatment, If those tests confirm that positive changes take place then you can continue this treatment.  Your immune system starts functioning, from this point, the life threatening disease is going to be a chronic illness.


Something Extra

Environmental toxins, such as herbicides and pesticides, and hormonal imbalances, such as abnormally high or low levels of estrogen or testosterone, may be possible causative factors. Natural support for cancer treatment is as complex and varied by the origins and types of cancer. Treating cancer generally involves creating a high level of wellness. We improve health through meditation, diet, exercise, emotional and psychological development. Counseling, inner awareness, and other methods are often incorporated. A macrobiotic diet is commonly recommended, partly because it is rich in vegetables that are known to be anti-carcinogenic.

Commonly recommended herbal programs include blood purifiers, immune strengtheners, immune stimulants, and herbal enzymes. A number of different herbs can purify the blood. Immune tonic herbs, especially astragalus, ligustrum, and the medicinal mushrooms are also effective for cancer treatment. The extracts of medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake, and maitake have been shown to increase lifespan and improve quality of life in patients with some types of cancer. Several of these mushrooms are approved drugs for cancer therapy in Japan.

While echinacea may be off limits, other immune-stimulant herbs may aid the cancer-fighting potential of the immune system. Some herbs contain protein-dissolving, and thus tumor-dissolving properties. Escarotic herbs, which are acid and caustic, are sometimes helpful in breaking down tumors. It is also important to address adrenal and digestive weaknesses with the appropriate herbs.

Because of the benefits of integrative and holistic approaches to treating tumors and cancer, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and energy healing are ideal complementary treatments.